Master of Kundalini Yoga, Kutepova Alexandra.
Formerly Moscow, now Bali
Objective: selling an expert's info product. Launching a Kundalini Yoga marathon with a small check to “a cold audience”.
  • Advertising to a cold audience not familiar with the expert;
  • Small advertising budget;
  • Tight deadlines before the launch and the advertising itself;
  • Such launches may fail because the audience doesn't know the expert and isn't ready to buy the course right away;
  • Head-on sales are always not very effective.

Alexandra came due to a recommendation. A cool specialist and expert with many years of practice in yoga and NLP. She has been living in Bali for several years now, moved from Moscow.
What has been done
Advertising budget, investments - 113 $
4 days of preparation;
7 days work funnel marathon - $ 797 earnings
Payback, ROI - 605.31%
Launch LTV - $ 1807

  • Creation of a chatbot autofunnel for a lead magnet, then introduced Alexandra's expertise and led her to sale;
  • Several segments of the target audience were processed;
  • Creation of an advertising strategy, text and creatives;
  • A landing page for a chatbot funnel has been created.

Work on the funnel proceeded in parallel with the preparation for the advertising launch. 5 days - preparation, approval and creation of a funnel, photo and video creatives, text. Sasha, in turn, was preparing a "warm-up for stories" in order to also strengthen the trust of new subscribers.
Second launch
Advertising budget - $108,32
Earned - $1020

Here there were sales among new customers and according to the previously collected database (first launch).

With Alexandra, we made several launches on different information products and the results were from x5 to x8. At the same time, a base was being assembled in the telegram bot with which the work continued. Results from the ad cabinet of multiple launches are as follows:
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