FP Contact Center, Kristina, Zhytomyr
Objective: To recruit 240 female employees to the call center in 1 month;
Advertising budget: plan $ 1000 / actual $ 402.23 + 468.14
What has been done
  • Segmentation of the potential audience for vacancies;
  • Audit of past advertising campaigns;
  • Growth Points Are Defined;
  • Creation of advertising creatives, up to 30 creatives;
  • Testing multiple hypotheses.We hired 2 workers;
  • Setting up and launching advertising (10 launches);
  • Creation a block of quick answers, 3 questions
  • Created a mini auto-funnel in Instagram direct with the logic of answering questions and job details;
  • Optimization of the advertising budget
  • Specific business;
  • Audience aged 18-24 and girls only;
  • Blocking the ad account for a week.

From advertising, they led people to direct and Facebook Messenger, and also collected applications in the lead form. A call center employee scheduled a job interview.

The first launch required an additional employee to process applications. In the third week of work, a ban from Facebook arrives. We spent five days resolving the situation.

Ugh, now it's all over again, new creos, text and we are working at full capacity again!
“Vika, stop advertising! I don’t have time to process all the applications."
A client wrote to me on Telegram.

There were still 10 days of work left, paid time for targeted advertising, and the client asked to stop advertising and schedule the next launch only from the first days of the next month, although it was only the 8th.

I won’t hide the fact that it is very nice to hear such words. And it's especially nice that the client gets what she came for, and even more.
For the second, incomplete month of work, Christina asked to stop advertising, since they do not have time to process everything that was received:
26 applications in the lead-target format;
101 started correspondence in messengers (instagram + Facebook messenger);
advertising budget was $ 468.14

I was very pleased, as I received more results than planned and significantly saved the advertising budget. In less than two months, it was spent less than planned for 1 month initially.

At Christina's request, an advertising campaign was planned for the next month, and then they controlled it on their own, since they saw all the working links and the support of the targetologist was no longer needed for the full period and Christina is guided in basic work with an advertising office. The client was released "to fly with her own wings")
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